Pharmacy Excellence

The Pharmacy Excellence Programme has been launched with funding from Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board and NHS Greater Manchester (Greater Manchester’s Integrated Care Board), and in partnership with Community Pharmacy Greater Manchester (CPGM) and Captivating Training Solutions.

The programme has been designed in response to years of turbulent times experienced by community pharmacies, including underfunding, medicine shortages, rising costs and overworked teams.

The programme is called the ReviveRx Pharmacy Excellence Programme, which uses a dedicated website – called ReviveRx.

Once registered with the platform, ReviveRx can diagnose a pharmacy’s issues via a series of questions, deliver an operational ‘health report’ on the state of your pharmacy, followed by a bespoke training programme called an ‘operational excellence training prescription’.

The ReviveRx operational health diagnostic tool can evaluate key aspects of your pharmacy’s operations, including team dynamics, process management, use of technology and integration of patient services, as well as focusing on the hidden inefficiencies you may not be aware of.

Based on its assessment, the operational excellence training prescription will provide you with a customised and targeted training plan that will equip your pharmacy to reach its full potential, enhancing efficiency and improving patient care. Its aim is to enable you to flourish  rather than simply function.

Examples of training topics include: strategic staffing solutions and skills audit; talent management and flexible roles; boosting team cohesion and wellness recovery action plans; and looking at the seven principles of ‘lean’ waste management.

The Pharmacy Excellence Programme is available to all 400-plus community pharmacy providers in Greater Manchester and registration is via the ReviveRx website.

In addition, the programme will deliver personalised coaching to 20 pharmacy leaders ready to embark on a path of transformation for their community pharmacy.