Pharmacy Excellence

The first Pharmacy Excellence programme began delivery in September 2022.

Community pharmacy is facing significant pressures due to increased demand for services due to pressures on other parts of the NHS, a workforce crisis and funding cuts since 2016.

The Community Pharmacy Provider Board (CPPB) intends to support pharmacies by providing tools and support to improve operational efficiency to maximise the existing resource and capacity to reduce pressures through redesign of existing dispensary operational models.

This would be achieved by working with expert consultants providing insight into existing case studies, resource guides, group support and workshops to provide headspace for pharmacists to redesign the existing business model they have to implement changes to benefit the team and the quality of care provided to patients.

CPPB understands every business is unique, but providing pharmacy teams the support, time and tools to plan the changes they intend to make will help free capacity and resource to support the current crisis they are facing. These changes could potentially impact the viability of the business and support retention of staff, through examining and implementing more effective operating models to reduce pressure and maintain and improve patient services, access and responsiveness to local health populations.