PCN Leadership Programme  

‘Progressing PCNs’ – Greater Manchester PCN Leadership Programme  

* Please note, the 2023/24 programme is now complete. Further details regarding the next phase of the programme will be publicised in the coming months. Please check this page regularly for updates *

2023/24 programme

‘Progressing PCNs’ is a new Greater Manchester PCN Leadership Programme led by Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board (GMPCB), in partnership with the NHS Confederation. 

The leadership programme is designed for PCN clinical directors together with PCN managers, or another senior clinical leader from the same PCN.

The aim is for two candidates from one PCN to attend together as a leadership team to jointly develop their skills; ultimately equipping them to work in the complex, changing landscape of PCNs within the wider context of the integrated care system, and develop their PCN’s strategy for 2024 and beyond.  

Clinical directors should nominate themselves and one additional candidate for the programme by completing this application form and returning it to ann.gough1@nhs.net by Friday 4 August 2023.  

The application form requires the clinical director completing the application to provide a brief outline of the leadership challenges they would like to focus on as a PCN, the locality where they are based and some brief information about why the PCN would like to join the programme. 

Clinical directors should discuss attendance with their nominated colleague before submitting the application, as the programme requires continued, joint commitment over a six month period. 

There are 60 places across Greater Manchester, which means the offer is open to 30 PCNs at this stage.   

The programme is an excellent opportunity for clinical directors who are already established in a leadership role and looking to deepen their primary care and network leadership capability. For example, successful applicants will explore practically how to build the conditions for PCN collaboration, work across networks and organisational boundaries, and best navigate conflict. 

As PCN leaders, the programme will allow applicants to focus on local challenges and complexities and there will be opportunities to share best practice and ideas among programme colleagues.

Progressing PCNs is scheduled to launch on Wednesday 6 September. Delivery is a mix of face to face and virtual sessions, consisting of four full learning days and some online sessions lasting one to two hours. The time commitment is approximately half a day to one full day per month.

If you have any questions, or would like some further information about this offer, please contact either lisa.stack@nhs.net or ann.gough1@nhs.net.