Our role in Greater Manchester

The Primary Care Provider Board (PCB) established itself in 2015, introducing a ground-breaking approach to primary care collaboration not seen elsewhere in England.

Primary care provider collaboration during the years since has demonstrated the benefits of bringing the knowledge and expertise developed in places into the wider geography of Greater Manchester, as well as engaging strategy and cross-cutting transformation themes undertaken at system level into places for bespoke delivery. The PCB and its sub-board infrastructure enable this to happen in a structured way.

Drawing on our experience of mature collaborative working, we believe the PCB has an essential role to play in achieving Greater Manchester’s health and care ambitions. There is significant scope and opportunity for the PCB and our members to support the delivery of outcomes at all levels of, and across, the Greater Manchester health and care system.

Our ambition is to build on primary care collaborative successes to date, proactively develop a wide-ranging integrated offer above and beyond minimum national requirements, and to align closely with the outcomes and objectives of Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership (GMICP).

The PCB has the infrastructure and ability to assume a range of accountabilities and responsibilities (as appropriate) across the system, with a scope that includes strategy and planning, outcomes setting, standardisation, financial flows, quality improvement and assurance.

In doing so, and in the true spirit of collaboration, we would seek to work with partners from the Greater Manchester system, building upon existing relationships and networks with social care, mental health, acute and community providers, as well as developing greater synergy across community pharmacy, dental practice and optometry and wider public services. A key enabler to our collaboration would be to develop equal partnership principles and move beyond the current relationship to the creation of a shared strategy, planning and assurance model with our Greater Manchester commissioner partners.

We recognise the strategic coproduction of quality improvement and recovery programmes is absolutely essential across all providers in Greater Manchester – hospital, primary care, social care and voluntary sector, as well as local communities. It is critical to address population health to make collaboration across all sectors a reality.

The diagram below shows how the Greater Manchester health and care system connects together.

How the Greater Manchester health and care system connects together

The diagram below shows the primary care contribution into the Greater Manchester system governance.

The primary care structure in Greater Manchester