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You will want to sustain any improvement within your practice or organisation. This can be supported by the same methods and measurements you originally used to test the changes. If by now you feel confident with run charts, you might like to try using the more sophisticated statistical process control (SPC) charts to measure your progress.

  • RCGP Quick guide: Collaboratives

    This RCGP Quick guide introduces quality improvement collaboratives, groups of people meeting together to learn from and motivate one another.

  • RCGP Quick guide: Communication strategy

    This RCGP Quick guide introduces communication strategy an improvement tool that plans how to spread the news of your improvement project. It includes both who to inform, and how to do so.

  • RCGP Quick guide: Evaluation

    This RCGP Quick guide explains how presenting an evaluation of any quality improvement activity undertaken can help share its results.

  • RCGP Quick guide: Networks

    This RCGP Quick guide explains that building networks of people with a common purpose and enthusiasm for positive change is a way of harnessing the power of ‘emergent change’.

  • RCGP Quick guide: Statistical process control charts

    This RCGP Quick guide introduces Statistical process control charts, a tool for displaying performance data to check if performance is continuing to be as expected.