Research QI Learning Community

The Research and Quality Improvement Learning Community for Primary Care is an inclusive online community for all healthcare professionals with an interest in linking with and learning more about research, quality improvement and clinical scholarship in primary care.

All people and all roles are welcome. You do not have to have had any research. You can register as ’interested as part of your day job’ and having a role ’not aligned to research’.

  • Are you interested in quality improvement in primary care, designing and evaluating changes, learning about and getting involved with research in primary care?
  • Do you want to access hundreds of free resources, videos, courses and reference materials about research and quality improvement?
  • Do you want to link with other people in your region to be involved in discussions about research and quality improvement?
  • Do you want to link with others across the UK on key themes such as quality improvement and research in areas of need, including deep-end and trailblazer work, digitally enabled research, research at scale in primary care networks and research in the community?

The learning community is embedded on NIHR Learn which has thousands more free resources and courses.

The resources are for everyone, but may be particularly relevant if you are a GP trainee, AHP trainee or early career GP or health professional working in primary care. The resources are themed into learning more about evidence-based medicine research design, literature reviews, report writing, interpreting research, quality improvement, evaluation, clinical research in practice and, in particular, research in primary care.

This could be useful for groups of GP trainees, new-to-practice fellowship GPs and deep-end fellows across the region. People can link and share ideas and lead shared quality improvement work on this interactive, high-quality web-based platform which is accessible and allows visible conversations and themes and links to wider groups.