Our strategic context

The Health and Care Bill 2020 identifies the following overarching aims for Integrated Care Systems:

  • Improving population health and healthcare
  • Tackling unequal outcomes and access
  • Enhancing productivity and value for money
  • Support of broader social and economic development

The operating model for Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership (GMICP) has emphasised three main elements of the model which come together to respond to those objectives and establish an integrated care system:

  • The locality approach – establishing place-based integrated care at the neighbourhood and district level, supported through strong partnership governance to jointly plan and deliver health, social care and public health services alongside other services that promote health and wellbeing in a defined place.
  • Greater Manchester provider collaboratives – providers working at scale across multiple places, with a shared purpose and effective decision-making arrangements to reduce unwarranted variation and inequality in health outcomes, access to services and experience; improve resilience by, for example, providing mutual aid; and ensure specialisation and consolidation occur where this will provide better outcomes and value.
  • Establishment of Greater Manchester Integrated Care and Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership – bringing the contributions together through effective system working, planning and governance.

The Greater Manchester Strategy for 2021-2031 sets out priorities for the whole of the city region, not just health and care. The key themes are:

  • Climate – A greener Greater Manchester: Responding to the climate emergency
  • Equalities – A fairer Greater Manchester: Addressing inequalities and improving wellbeing for all
  • Prosperity – A prosperous Greater Manchester: Driving local and UK growth
  • Place – 10 distinctive places: One unique GM

GMICP’s strategy for health and care is still being developed and is due to be published early 2023. In the meantime, it has agreed a vision through workshop discussions:

“We want Greater Manchester to be a place where everyone can live a good life, growing up, getting on and growing old in a greener, fairer more prosperous city region.”

It has also set out shared outcomes – ‘the Greater Manchester we want to see’ – issues and areas of focus where we want to drive change over the coming decade.

Shared commitments outline ‘the things we are going to do’ and identify those areas which will support attainment of the shared outcomes. Each element of GMICP – including the PCB – has a contribution to make to achieving the shared commitments.

Click on the shared outcome below to view the associated shared commitments.

A Greater Manchester fit for the future, where all our people have good lives, with better health and inequalities reduced in all aspects of life
  • We will reduce health inequalities experienced by people in Greater Manchester
  • We will work together to improve physical and mental health for all
  • We will enable people to live as well and independently as possible
  • We will focus on equitable system recovery that improves the health of our population
  • We will engage with people and communities to understand what they need to stay well, and act on this
A Greater Manchester where everyone has fair access to the care they need and plays their part in the best possible experience and outcome
  • We will enable everyone to access the right level of care where and when they need it
  • We will all play our part in achieving the best possible person-centred experience and outcomes of care
  • We will progress shared standards to reduce unwarranted variation in the provision of care
A Greater Manchester where health and care works in partnership to support economic development, environmental sustainability, and innovation
  • We will ensure that health and care organisations play their part in the wider economy and environment to positively impact on our communities now and in the future
  • We will realise the opportunities from digital technology and our growth and innovation assets to enable health and care to adopt leading edge technologies and improve outcomes
A Greater Manchester where health and care is an effective single system fit for the future
  • We will build trust and collaboration between partners to ensure joined up delivery of services
  • We will develop a paid and volunteer workforce fit for the future, with wellbeing at the core.
  • We will support and challenge each other to deliver our system priorities through allocation of resources