Primary care sitrep support


The improved GM Primary Care Sitrep tool has been co-produced with each of the primary care disciplines (dentistry, general practice, optometry and pharmacy), in partnership with GMPCB and the GM primary care team.

The aim is to raise awareness of primary care pressures with system partners in localities, as well as the wider GM Integrated System (ICS) and nationally, so that issues can be escalated and resources allocated where appropriate.

Practices are encouraged to complete and submit a weekly report and to access reports through Tableau. 

The new report will be under continuous review and evaluation and your feedback would be much welcomed.  Please email your locality lead or GM support to provide feedback.

You can sign up to Tableau here.


Support currently exists for primary care in the form of partnership working across PCNs, from across the system in localities and from the GM primary care team.

In addition, there is a range of support offers that can be accessed by all primary care provider practices that we have brought together in one place, on this page.

Depending on your sitrep status and requirements, you may benefit from health and wellbeing support for your teams, access to additional training and support from the PCB or discussions about extra resources with your locality or with GM.

This page aims to bring together some useful links that will take you to further support.

There is also a list of key contacts for accessing assistance within your locality.

Locality contact details

Heywood, Middleton and RochdaleAnn

Greater Manchester primary care discipline contact details

*Please note, general practices should contact their locality lead in the first instance.

Provider contact details

Providers should use the email address below to raise an issue with Greater Manchester Community Pharmacy Provider Board, Greater Manchester Dental Provider Board, Greater Manchester General Practice Provider Board or Greater Manchester Optometry Provider Board:

Health and wellbeing support

The PCB website hosts a range of support offers available to ALL colleagues working in primary care:

Health and wellbeing – GM PCB

The GM Resilience Hub* is hosted by Pennine NHS Foundation Trust and is available to all health and care workers in GM:

Greater Manchester Resilience Hub: Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

The GM Wellbeing Toolkit is a great resource to share with your teams:

gm-icp-wellbeing-toolkit.pdf (

GP Excellence

Our GP Excellence programme can offer practical support to help improve everyday work in general practice via a suite of resources, such as podcasts and webinars.

It can also tailor support for individuals or teams, depending on requirements.

GP Excellence (

Primary Care Network (PCN) Development

There are a number of PCN Development programmes, aimed at a variety of roles within PCNs.

These include upcoming sessions in November 2023 and March 2024 which will enable shared learning and best practice.

There is also a PCN Leadership programme ‘Progressing PCNs’, plus a programme to support PCNs in improving patient outcomes through ‘Proactive Care’.

* Please note that due to a current review of the Greater Manchester Resilience Hub’s staff wellbeing service, the service is unable to accept new referrals for individual support.

If you currently receive support, this will not change and your support will continue. If you are on their waiting list (referred before 31 December 2023) you will be contacted as soon as an appointment is available. We will share further details and information when available.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the sitrep tool?

  • a GM wide system level tool for reporting pressures across primary care in line with system partners
  • an appropriate and proportionate response and escalation framework
  • to support decision making for immediate and future planning of investment and resources

How often should the sitrep report be completed?

The sitrep report should ideally be updated on a weekly basis to ensure that the data is a true reflection of your practice circumstances. The data points do not automatically update, therefore it is important to review this on a regular basis.

What support is available if my practice is under increased pressure?

As detailed above, there is a range of support available to practices. A direct link to the resources has also been added to the sitrep submission form to enable easy access.

Who can I contact if I need to access support?

A list of key contacts will be added to the this web page as soon as they are collated. Please check back for regular updates.

What is the sitrep data used for?

The data is used to enable proportionate and appropriate response through regular reporting which is accessible at practice, locality and GM level via Tableau. You can request access to Tableau using the following link: Tableau Server (

The reports are used at locality level to respond to practices where there is increased pressure, and at GM level for dental, pharmacy and optometry.

In addition, the pulse check scores are used to generate GM aggregate reporting to system level.