New Greater Manchester PCN Leadership Programme launched


An exciting new opportunity for PCN clinical directors and PCN managers to develop their leadership skills.

A new PCN Leadership Programme has been launched by Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board (GMPCB) in partnership with the NHS Confederation.

‘Progressing PCNs’ is scheduled to launch on Wednesday 6 September and has been specifically designed for PCN clinical directors together with PCN managers, or another senior clinical leader from the same PCN.

Two candidates from one PCN will attend the programme together as a leadership team to jointly develop their leadership skills, equipping them with the tools needed to work in the complex, changing landscape of PCNs within the wider context of the integrated care system, and develop their PCN’s strategy for 2024 and beyond.

There are 60 places across Greater Manchester, which means the offer is open to 30 PCNs at this stage. 

Clinical directors who are interested in the scheme are invited to nominate themselves and one additional candidate by Monday 31 July.

Further details, including the application form and who to contact if you have any further questions, can be found on our PCN Leadership Programme page.