Workforce overview

In Greater Manchester, we recognise the importance of our workforce, the people who work for us and with us, and how valuable their contribution is to our ability to provide the wide spectrum of care and support services to our population. However, in an increasingly demanding health and social care environment, we also understand the challenges currently facing primary care and the impact on these individuals.

The workforce hub brings all information related to the primary care workforce together in one space, including national, Greater Manchester (GM) specific and wider integrated care system resources, toolkits, podcasts and further support. This means that managers and staff alike are able to find support for their specific needs – be it training, development, health and wellbeing or good practice workforce guidance.

As a key enabling chapter of the Greater Manchester Primary Care Blueprint, our vision and plan for the primary care workforce in Greater Manchester is to ensure that primary care is recognised as a preferred career destination, with a happy and healthy workforce, trained to a consistent standard to meet the needs of our population. To facilitate this we will focus on recruitment, retention and education and development of the workforce.

One way to ensure that we are all doing our best to recruit, retain and develop staff is to follow an accepted framework such as the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, and we already have members who were amongst the first from the health and social care sector to achieve member status.

To ensure that we are joined up with national and GM plans relating to workforce, our plans align with the Greater Manchester People and Culture Strategy 2022-2025 and NHS Long Term Workforce Plan.