PCN health inequalities data

Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board (PCB) is responsible for the Greater Manchester Primary Care Networks (PCN) Development Programme. One of the key workstreams is the sourcing, collection, presentation, and reporting of meaningful data for PCNs.

In March 2021, the NHS Utilisation Management Unit at Health Innovation Manchester, produced a health inequalities data report for each of Tameside and Glossop’s five Primary Care Networks. The reports provided an overview of multiple health inequality indicators and associated benchmarking, drawn from a range of existing publicly available data sources, including:

  • GP Quality and Outcome Framework (QOF)
  • Public Health England (Fingertips)
  • Secondary Uses Service (SUS) data
  • Office of National Statistics (ONS)

The PCB commissioned the Utilisation Management Unit to produce health inequalities data reports for all Greater Manchester PCNs, totalling 62 individual reports, with an agreement to provide the five Tameside and Glossop PCNs with refreshed reports at the end of the project.

The principal aim was to deliver salient and actionable insights in a concise and easily digestible manner, to free up precious clinical time and resource, and support PCNs in developing data-driven health inequalities improvement plans.

Health inequalities data reports can be downloaded for each PCN below.