Touch 10: My mental wellbeing

As a line manager do you feel confident talking to a member of staff about their mental health and wellbeing? As a staff member, how valuable would it be to speak to your manager about how your feeling, especially if they were able to help in a practical way?

And, as an individual, how aware are you of what’s happening with your own mental health and wellbeing?

Created with guidance from line managers and staff in the Greater Manchester area, Touch 10 and the Personal Wellbeing Barometer aim to stimulate open and honest conversations … and provide a way of tracking your own mental wellbeing … with the  aim of nipping potential problems in the bud before they develop into something bigger and more problematic.

In the latest episode of the Health & Wellbeing podcast Janet Castrogiovani is joined by Lynn Marsland to discuss Touch 10 and the Personal Wellbeing Barometer, tools to stimulate conversations to provide a way of tracking your own mental wellbeing.

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