• Diabetes – Remote consulting tips for GPNs

    This document provides guidance for general practices on managing patients with diabetes remotely via either telephone or video consultations. 
  • QI Ready eLearning modules

    The RCGP has produced eLearning modules to compliment the QI Ready network and self-accreditation process. There are a suite of three modules that will assist you in better understanding quality improvement methodologies.
  • National Diabetes Audit (NDA) 2015-16 publication

    The National Diabetes Audit has collected data from 2003-04 to the present day. The latest publication reports on care processes and treatment targets for the audit period 1 January 2015 to 31 March 2016.
  • Quality improvement and diabetes care

    This presentation can be used during a training session to introduce QI tools and methods to the teams who care for patients with diabetes.
  • Evaluation tools

    These evaluation tools can be used to help you to evaluate your quality improvement work, learning what has gone well, what could be improved, and plan the next steps of your work.
  • Multi practice quality improvement project plan

    This Excel spreadsheet tool will help you to plan and monitor the progress of your quality improvement project across several practices.
  • Model for improvement for diabetes

    Do you want to introduce a change to improve diabetes care? If so, the model for improvement for diabetes allows you to plan and test the change.
  • Process mapping for diabetes

    This process map offers a visual representation of all the steps in the process of caring for patients living with diabetes, from diagnosis of diabetes to annual review.
  • Quality improvement posters from RCGP Annual Conference 2016

    A number of Quality Improvement abstracts and posters were submitted to the 2016 RCGP Annual Conference. You can view them, and the posters and abstracts from other categories, here.
  • Fishbone diagram for diabetes care

    If you are trying to work out why patients don’t turn up for review or why the treatment target for blood pressure is not being met, then the Fishbone diagram for diabetes care can help you.