Evaluation tools

These evaluation tools can be used to help you to evaluate your quality improvement work, learning what has gone well, what could be improved, and plan the next steps of your work.
The tools were developed during 2015/16 by RCGP QI clinical leads who worked with local clinical leads in England and Wales to improve the care of patients with diabetes.
Reflection template
This template can help you record the context of any reflection you have on contacting a practice, any new information, what has gone well, what could be improved, and the next steps.
Download Reflection template
Interview template
This template allows you to capture what the practice has done, which interventions they have tried, and which quality improvement tools they used. You can record how successful their project was and the barriers to implementation too.
Download Interview template
Baseline questionnaire
This questionnaire was designed to be used electronically to assess an interviewee’s context, work environment, and their knowledge of QI.
Download Baseline questionnaire
Follow up questionnaire
Some of the questions in the baseline questionnaire are repeated to assess any change and there are specific questions about the intervention and quality improvement tools they have used.
Download Follow up questionnaire