Join the growing numbers of veteran friendly GP practices


GP practices in Greater Manchester are encouraged to become veteran friendly.

The scheme helps practices to support veteran patients who may be silently struggling.

As Remembrance Day approaches, GP practices are invited to become accredited as ‘veteran friendly’.

Practices can sign up to the Veteran Friendly Accreditation scheme, by RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners) and NHS England at any point during the year, but the period around Remembrance Day can be particularly triggering for veterans and provides an ideal opportunity to help those who may be silently struggling.

Becoming a veteran friendly accredited practice is a quick and simple process – it takes just 20 minutes to sign up – and will help practices to raise awareness, improve understanding and support them in their duty of care to veterans.

Practices will receive free online training, support with identifying veteran patients and advice on referrals.

Many GP practices in Greater Manchester have already signed up to the scheme but we would encourage every practice to become accredited to ensure they are providing the best possible healthcare to any veterans who may be registered with them.

The aim is for a minimum of one practice from each PCN to become accredited.

After becoming accredited, 99 per cent of practices would recommend it, saying they feel they have a better understanding of veterans’ needs.

Join the 2,300-plus veteran friendly accredited practices across the UK and support the RCGP and NHS England campaign by using the RCGP Veteran Friendly Practice toolkit on your channels.