COVID-19 Episode 7: Research into COVID-19 in Primary Care

The Primary Care Knowledge Boost Podcast: COVID-19 
This week, Lisa and Sara talk to doctors involved in primary care research to give an overview of what developments are happening in COVID-19 research in the community at the moment. Our guest are:

  • Professor Philip Evans – GP, Associate Professor of General Practice at The University of Exeter, National Speciality Lead for Primary Care at NIHR, Cluster Lead at Clinical Research Network National Speciality Hub
  • Dr Sheila McCorkindale – GP, Local Clinical Research Speciality Lead at NIHR Clinical Research Network, Greater Manchester
  • Dr Nick Thomas  – GP, Clinical Research Speciality Lead with NIHR, Clinical Research Lead at the Clinical Innovation and Research Centre at RCGP

We discuss:

  • The ‘PRINCIPLE’ study, the first clinical trial in COVID-19 patients consulting in primary care
  • The RCGP Research and Surveillance programmes
  • The National Institute for Health Research programmes

​We reflect on the joined up nature of research efforts between branches and within Primary and Secondary care, contributing to all teams working towards the common goal to help patients nationally at this unprecedented time.
*** Note: We have taken down episode 4 (managing death in the community) in our COVID-19 series as the Enabling Safe Certification of Death Service has been updated, making parts of the episode no longer relevant. You can check our their FAQ in the resources below for the most up to date information about the service ***
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