Diploma in Advanced Primary Care Management

This is a comprehensive diploma for people who are managing primary care and are becoming responsible for creating and running primary care provision at scale including primary care networks, new care models, GP super practices and GP or other primary care federations.
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The curriculum will incorporate the learning and experience of multispecialty community providers (MCPs), integrated primary and acute care systems (PACS) and primary care homes.

What you can expect

  • A practical, ‘how to’, focused, service development and business management training diploma
  • Learn from current primary care at scale developments
  • Qualifications – equivalent to 60 credits (20 per module) at postgraduate level. On completion of the diploma, students may apply to study for HFMA’s Diploma and Higher Diploma which provides a pathway to a full MBA (subject to programme validation)
  • Network learning
  • Diploma alumni to continue sharing learning and best practice

A range of bursary options available

NHS England North Region is one area offering funding support for the diploma to NHS staff working in general practice within the north region as part of the national General Practice Forward View (GPFV) support for practice management development.

They are offering a bursary for a third of the cost of the diploma (£1,120 including VAT). This contribution to the fee requires the written support of the local clinical commissioning group (CCG) and the candidate’s practice. NHS England North is looking for the CCG to also provide one third of the diploma fee, with the candidate or their practice paying the remaining third.
The funding is being offered as development of at scale working between and across primary care, the establishment of primary care homes within an accountable care system, will be of benefit to the NHS, the local care system, patients and primary care.  The diploma supports practice managers to acquire the knowledge, skills and qualifications to become leaders within a transformed model of primary care provision.

The CCG and the candidate/general practice must commit in writing to paying their share of the fee. The funding is only available to people working for the NHS in general practice, ideally as practice or business managers.

Practice managers or CCGs who would like further information on the funding support available should contact their local NHS England office and speak to the relevant GPFV transformation manager leading practice management development in their area.

For information about other bursary options please contact Aislinn Santoni, Diploma Administrator, at: aislinn.santoni@napc.co.uk