Guide to setting up remote working and video consultations

This guidance provides an overview of how to set up remote working and video consultations as part of a wider model of triage first and remote consultations in primary care.
This will support the plan for the recovery process, and allow primary care clinicians to assess people while minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for patients and staff.
Download Guide to setting up remote working and video consultations
The guidance describes four main models of working:

  1. Work From Home allows clinicians to support the practice and patients remotely from their own home through video. This is particularly useful if clinicians are self-isolating, need to be shielded or as part of a return to work scheme under the current COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Clinic to Clinic remote hubs allow clinics to support branch sites or other practices within a locality who are struggling to meet demand.
  3. Clinic in Clinic remote hubs allow clinicians to work within practices conducting video consultations routinely. Examples of this include direct patient consultations and virtual ward rounds with care homes.
  4. Hot Hub remote clinics allow multiple clinicians and other community specialists within a locality to work together to provide a service. This can also reduce pressure on hospitals because patients presenting with potential COVID-19 can be reviewed and managed effectively in the community where appropriate