Looking after yourself in General Practice

In this episode of the podcast Lisa and Sara are joined by Dr Rachel Morris, GP, coach and host of You are not a Frog Podcast who discusses her top tips for looking after yourself in general practice.

Working in General Practice can be challenging at the best of times, but needless to say has been more challenging of late. Rachel’s top tips include: the importance of framing this discussion with the caveat of not teaching ourselves how to put up with toxic work environments, but to consider how we can take control over things that we do have some control over.

We discuss the importance of prioritising, planning your week, doing your best work at the best time and consider the importance of ‘catching the story that you’re telling yourself’. We then consider coping with the negativity in the media about general practice at the moment, assertiveness and the difference between stress and burnout.

This episode was supported by Greater Manchester Training Hub NHSE GP Fellowship programme. 

Listen to the podcast episode at https://www.pckb.org/e/looking-after-yourself-in-general-practice