In this episode of the Primary Care Knowledge Boost (PCKB) podcast, doctors Lisa and Sara talk to senior pharmacist, Sarah Hafeez, about Polypharmacy. Sarah explains the difference between inappropriate and appropriate polypharmacy, before talking through some typical cases to illustrate common scenarios. 

There is further discussion on prioritising concerns, weaning and/or stopping medications, counselling patients on the effects of opioids and gabapentinoids and involving community teams aiming for successful reduction of addiction forming medications.

The discussion also includes information about the potential long-term risks of proton pump inhibitors and advice on weaning and remembering to consider anticholinergic burdens. Lisa, Sara and Sarah also discuss useful resources for tackling polypharmacy, structured medication reviews and medication reduction.

Listen to the podcast episode at https://pckb.org/e/polypharmacy/

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