Urban Village Medical Practice – providing primary care services for homeless people

In this podcast, Ben Gowland from Ockham Healthcare talks to Kay Keane, Anthony Verrall and Shaun Jackson from Urban Village Medical Practice about the services they provide to people experiencing homelessness.

Together they delve into the beginnings of Urban Village Medical Practice and discuss how the practice has progressed. Originally Urban Village focused on facilitating registration for homeless individuals in Manchester, but has since expanded its scope to provide further assistance to the homeless population.

The practice now offers a wide range of primary healthcare services along with other essential support. By following a ‘needs led’ approach, Urban Village Medical Practice provides homeless individuals with access to various professionals and services, including drug and alcohol workers, counsellors, community psychiatric nurses (CPN), GPs and midwives. Additionally, they offer referrals to other services such as housing advice agencies and outreach programmes.

Listen to the podcast episode at: https://ockham.healthcare/podcast-kay-keane-anthony-verrall-shaun-jackson-urban-village/

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