Context checklist for QI Project

Context can be defined as the ‘environment’ in which your quality improvement intervention is to be introduced.
It includes the culture of your organisation, which reflects the values, beliefs and behaviours of the people you work with, which have developed slowly over years.
This checklist breaks down context into nine elements. Consider each in turn and decide whether they are applicable to your situation, and whether any action is required.
Download Context checklist for QI Project

Element Comments Action
e.g. Will the practice support work in improvement?
e.g. Is there someone willing and able to lead the project?
Team working
e.g. Does the practice team communicate effectively and work well together?
e.g. Is there someone at the practice able to access and make sense of data using data extraction tools or construct searches.
e.g. Do you/the practice have the time for the project currently?
Social demographics
e.g. Can you connect with patients for your improvement work
e.g. Does the practice know how to implement improvements?
e.g. Is it possible to do this project now or are there more pressing urgent concerns?
Does the practice appear to really want to take part in this project