Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder resources available

Primary care staff can access materials designed to raise awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Did you know that up to 1,238 children in Greater Manchester are born every year with FASD? That’s 10 children in an average sized primary school, and 8 per full-time equivalent GP.

The symptoms of FASD can be mild or severe, ranging from reduced intellectual ability and attention deficit disorder to heart anomalies and even death. Many children experience serious behavioural and social difficulties and clinicians in general practice are often the first point of contact for parents and care givers who are struggling with their child’s behaviour at home or in school.

Greater Manchester doctors Sara and Lisa spoke to Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Raja Mukherjee about Neurodevelopmental disorders in Children (with a focus in FASD) and Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership has created a briefing for primary care staff.

There is also a range of resources available including posters, social media posts and videos from the #DRYMESTER campaign that can be displayed in practices to help raise awareness of FASD and encourage alcohol free pregnancies.

For more information about Greater Manchester’s Alcohol Exposed Pregnancy programme and the #DRYMESTER campaign please contact or