Greater Manchester Primary Care Blueprint


An Integrated Care Partnership update on the new Primary Care Blueprint for Greater Manchester. The over-arching strategy for Primary Care in Greater Manchester. This article explains the background, process and timeline for development of the Blueprint.

An update from:

Rob Bellingham, Director of Primary Care and Strategic Commissioning, NHS Greater Manchester

Dr Tracey Vell, Chief Officer of Greater Manchester Primary Care Board (GMPCB) and Chair of the GP Board.

Many across the primary care system may have been involved in this work so far but we know that some of our workforce will not yet be aware of progress. This briefing aims to bring all primary care staff up to speed on development of the Blueprint.

What is the blueprint?

This is our collective plan for primary care in Greater Manchester. We first started talking about it back in September at our Primary Care Summit which was attended by over 350 primary care colleagues. The session provided us with a rich source of ideas, issues and themes to take forward for the blueprint.

These are the themes that were agreed:

  • Capacity
  • Integrated working in neighbourhoods
  • Tackling and reducing inequalities
  • Prevention
  • Delivering a sustainable primary care system in GM

We have also established some ‘enabler’ themes for digital, workforce, estates, quality and standards.

We are aiming for the blueprint to be complete by the end of June and we will have a draft version ready for colleagues to review by the end of March.

Principles of the blueprint

We have agreed a set of principles for the development of the blueprint:

  • Each chapter must reflect all parts of our primary care system (Dental, GP, Pharmacy and Optometry)
  • It must align with the Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership strategy (launching at the end of March) and other related strategies or plans, i.e. Estates, People and Culture, Digital, etc
  • The content should align with relevant national strategies, specifically the Fuller Report

Who is involved in the work?

We have put in place a ‘triumvirate’ leadership approach for each of the nine themes within the plan.

This means that we have leads for each one from:

  • PCB
  • Locality Teams
  • GM Primary Care Team

The leads meet regularly to progress plans for each of the themes. They also all meet together every two weeks to ensure that the plans are consistent and complementary to each other. See the full list of leads at the end of this briefing.

We have also established a Primary Care Assembly, drawn from the wider system (e.g. Hospitals, social care, VCSFE, GMCA etc). This Assembly meets monthly and provides an invaluable broader context to our work, with the aim of ensuring that the Blueprint is visible and relevant across all of our GM Health and Care partners.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the work please contact

We will be getting out to as many groups and committees as possible to discuss the work and we have agreed via the Deputy Place Based Leads Group to attend Locality Board meetings at the next available opportunity. The PCB ran two successful sessions in February and are continuing to engage with members on an ongoing basis. PCB will also provide ongoing updates in their newsletters.

If you don’t want to be involved directly you will have an opportunity to comment on the draft document at the end of March.

We will continue to keep you updated as the plan develops either by email or in the PCB newsletter.

Locality LeadGM PC SystemPCB
Capacity (Access)Bury / Tameside Zoe Alderson (Bury) Tori O’Hare (Tameside)Lindsay Bowes / Gail Henshaw  Chris Nortcliffe / Janet Castrogiovanni Tim Dalton/Vish Mehra
Integrated working in neighbourhoodsWigan Claire RobertsSara RoscoeTracey Vell / Lisa Stack
Tackling and reducing inequalitiesTrafford Rebecca DemaineDebs Thompson (Pop Health)Luvjit Kandula / Michael Smith
PreventionStockport Gillian MillerAmy Ashton (Pop Health)Don McGrath / Lisa Stack
Delivering a sustainable Primary Care system in GMOldham Marion ColohanBen SquiresJanet Castrogiovanni / Dharmesh Patel
DigitalSalford Anna Ganotis/Caroline Rand Gail Henshaw / Julie PowellChris Nortcliffe / Michael Smith
EstatesBolton Kath OddiJulie Powell / Jo LarkinVish Mehra / Janet Castrogiovanni
Quality and standardsManchester Caroline BradleyJanna RigbyAnn Gough
WorkforceHMR Sarah CrossleyKerry Porter/Jonny HendersonLynn Marsland