Greater Manchester Resilience Hub

We understand that COVID-19 has brought with it challenging and uncertain times for everyone, especially if you’re working in healthcare.

You might be working in unfamiliar environments, with reduced staffing levels, and having to learn new skills, often at speed. This is on top of the worry about your own and your family’s health and wellbeing. 

Even without COVID-19, you may feel like your wellbeing needs some attention. And the earlier you can talk things through with someone – and the quicker you can access any help you might need – the better you will be able to manage and keep well. If any of this rings true you could benefit from using the help and support of Greater Manchester Resilience Hub.

Run by qualified mental health and psychology professionals, the hub provides free wellbeing and mental health support to all health and care staff, including their immediate families, who live or work in Greater Manchester.

In the second episode of the Health and Wellbeing Podcast Lynn Marsland speaks to Dr. Ruth Watson from the Greater Manchester Resilience Hub.

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