Help improve proxy access for parents to children’s GP services


Those working in general practice are asked to complete a short questionnaire from the NHS App team.

The questionnaire will help them improve the proxy access for parents to their children’s GP services.

The NHS App team responsible for proxy access for parents to their children’s GP services is currently undertaking a round of user research to help build and improve proxy services. 

They would like to find out which online services GP practices offer as well as learning how:

  • GP practices manage the application process for parents requesting access to their children’s healthcare records and tasks
  • GP practices carry out parental checks and safeguarding
  • important different aspects of guidance, information and support are to GP practices
  • satisfied GP practices are with current guidance, support and access to information

Please complete this short questionnaire before the end of October if you work in general practice. It should take you no longer than 15 minutes.