Introducing our Primary Care workforce to the Greater Manchester Wellbeing Toolkit

We kick off the new Health & Wellbeing Podcast series talking about the Greater Manchester Health and Care Partnership online toolkit for workforce wellbeing – freely available to everyone working within a primary care setting in GM. 

Lynn Marsland is joined by Sheni Ravji-Smith who is the Head of System OD, Leadership & Wellbeing at the Partnership.

The Greater Manchester Wellbeing Toolkit provides advice on keeping well physically, practically and psychologically, as well as top tips on how you can support those around you and seek help for yourself or someone you know when it’s needed.

Greater Manchester Wellbeing Toolkit

Whether you work on site or work from home, or a mixture of the two, there are guides on introducing a ‘Buddy Network’ in your team, a debriefing guide to help you make the transition from work to home at the end of the day, as well as tips for improving your sleep and reducing stress.

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For more information about the Greater Manchester wellbeing toolkit visit the GM Wellbeing Toolkit or download it.

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