Is your practice ready for improvement?

Have you ever returned from a course or workshop all fired up with enthusiasm to make changes to your practice? I know I have. We hear great stories from other places that seem to be getting better outcomes for their patients or have managed to reduce their workload processes. How often it is our enthusiasm and motivation wane as soon as we get back to our desk.

This highlights the most important reason why QI (quality improvement) ideas do not get converted into real change. Before learning lots of new QI methods, start with trying to work out what might need to change your work environment for you to start implementing your ideas.

We call this “context” and likened it to the soil you plant a seed into – it needs to be fertile or your idea may not grow fruit.

My experience has shown me the two most important features in context are time and teamwork. Getting your whole team together to focus on an area of work, where everyone gets to input their thoughts can be very helpful.

This also helps the whole team to appreciate why it is important for you to have some special time allocated to focus on the project/change you want to make. For more information on context please see the RCGP Quick guide: Context and Culture.