My experience of being a GP Research Fellow

I was working as a salaried GP for 8 months before hearing about the Research Fellowship. I wanted to expand my portfolio and I am interested in improving healthcare. Research is a great opportunity to not only design change but evidence the reason for that change.

Research, itself has a large scope from designing and implementing studies to large international research projects. My research post has enabled me to gain exposure to both aspects. I have been involved with preliminary studies regarding computer programs and IT systems and I am also a sub-investigator on the Orion-4 study.

The Orion-4 study is investigating an injectable cholesterol lowering medication called inclisiran. The study will involve 15 000 participants in the UK and USA. Being sub-investigator, I am responsible to ensure that patients are suitable for the study and reporting on adverse effects. By taking part in these studies I feel that I am contributing to the progression of medicine and providing patients the opportunity to be at the forefront of medical care.

The post has also funded further educational opportunities including university modules that can contribute towards a Master of Research in Primary Care/Public Health. These have been important to improve my understanding of research methodology including evidence-based practice, statistics and qualitative research methods. These modules will help improve the quality of my research going forward.

Dr Nicholas Fernandez
GP Research Fellow