Ordering repeat prescriptions via the NHS App


Changes to the way repeat prescriptions are ordered means the NHS App will replace pharmacy ordering for majority of patients.

NHS Greater Manchester has produced a video to support people in using the NHS App to order repeat prescriptions.

Following changes to the way repeat prescriptions are ordered* the pharmacy will no longer – for the majority of patients – order prescriptions on their behalf.

The NHS App will be the safest and easiest way for patients to request their repeat prescription – giving them more control over their healthcare and taking away the hassle of unnecessary trips to the GP practice.

The app is easy to use, with a ‘Help’ section to guide patients if they hit a snag, and allows patients to choose where their prescription is sent.

So, for example, if you know you’ll be away from home or you are moving house, you can change your nominated pharmacy from within the app.

Patients can also order their prescription at any time that suits them. There’s no need to wait to join a telephone queue or wait until the GP surgery opens.

The GM video features a GP, community pharmacists as well as several patients, who explain how patients can use the NHS App and say how ordering their repeat prescriptions has made managing their healthcare easier.

Luvjit Kandula, Chair of Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board, said: “Ordering repeat prescriptions through the NHS App means that GP practices can spend more time offering patient appointments and dealing with more complex issues. Just as importantly though, it can allow patients to feel more empowered.

“You can order your prescription when you need it, to where you need it in no time at all. As well as being able to order your repeat prescriptions, the NHS App also allows you to access a range of NHS services. You can book and manage appointments, view your GP health record and find your NHS number.

“Your GP practice will let you know when changes to the ordering of repeat prescriptions are being introduced at your practice. So, we are asking patients to look out for a text, email or letter with further details.

“It is also important to mention that we know that some of our patients may struggle to order their own prescriptions and need additional assistance. This may be because of an existing medical condition or that they are not able to or, choose not to, go online. In these cases, our GP practices, pharmacies and carers will work together to find an approach that best meets the needs of the patient.”

*Patients can order repeat medication in one of the following ways:

  • Online via the GP practice online ordering process or the NHS App – this is the safest and easiest way
  • Via the repeat prescription box at the GP practice
  • Via post to the GP practice using the repeat prescription slip

Practices will set their own date for this change. Patients who already take their repeat prescription request slips into the GP practice or order their repeat medication online are not affected.

The exception will be patients who are unable to order their medication by any of the recommended routes, are vulnerable and/or housebound.

GPs will work closely with pharmacies to ensure patients who require additional assistance (Assisted Patients) get special care and specific policies geared to their personal needs.

This could mean that pharmacies continue to order on behalf of some patients, where all partners agree this is the best solution for a particular individual.