Violence prevention and reduction qualification available for primary care staff


An accredited violence prevention and reduction qualification is available for staff working in primary care and other health and care settings.

The qualification is designed to meet the training needs of staff who work in violence and prevention roles, as well as other members of the NHS workforce working in ‘at risk’ environments.

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), commissioned by NHS England, has developed an accredited education pathway to equip staff working in relevant roles to recognise and address the triggers for violence and abuse in health and care settings.

Building on the work of the NHSE Violence Prevention and Reduction Programme and the NHS Violence Prevention and Reduction Standard, the RSPH’s Violence Prevention and Reduction (VPR) Education Pathway takes a public health approach to understanding the root causes of violence and abuse, before taking appropriate steps to prevent and reduce violence against health and care staff.

Participants will be supported to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to understand why incidents occur, for example due to individual factors like trauma and distress, or societal factors such as health inequalities, and explore how they can build cultures and support teams that contribute to violence reduction.

The VPR Education Pathway consists of qualifications at level 3 and 4 depending on an individual’s role in an organisation:

  • Level 3 award for operational leads working in ‘high risk’ environments who are responsible for supervising staff
  • Level 3 award for organisational leads with responsibility for team strategies and operational plans
  • Level 4 award for violence and prevention leads with responsibility for organisation strategies and plans

Various start dates are available in January and February 2024. To find out more and apply visit the RSPH website.

For further information about the VPR Education Pathway email: