Health and wellbeing support for PCNs


PCB offer to support PCNs or individual practices with health and wellbeing.

Resources are available to help with general health and wellbeing or specifically to support them meeting the QOF QI workforce wellbeing module.

Practices across Greater Manchester are receiving support to meet the requirements of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) Quality Improvement (QI) workforce wellbeing module.

The workforce wellbeing module was introduced earlier this year and Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board (PCB) offered support to practices and Primary Care Networks via its Health and Wellbeing Programme.

Support from the PCB can include but is not restricted to: evaluation of current workforce wellbeing factors; identifying areas of improvement; creating and implementing an action plan; and support with PCN peer review meetings.

PCB colleagues recorded a helpful podcast on the module in July and practices were surveyed about their current workforce wellbeing.

As a result of the surveys, additional resources have been introduced, including:

  • Support for a Champions in General Practice role

In addition, health and wellbeing programme manager Dominic Anderson has been visiting PCN meetings to talk about the support available to them in more detail.

A recent visit took him to Oldham Central PCN meeting where the support was well-received. A follow-up visit is being planned for February 2024.

Any practices or PCNs interested in hearing about the support on offer, to help them meet the QOF QI workforce wellbeing module – or for any general wellbeing support – can contact Dominic to discuss their requirements on: