Resources to help clinicians dealing with chronic pain


New resources are available to help clinicians dealing with the assessment and management of chronic pain.

A podcast on the subject is out now, while a new resource hub will be launched soon.

Knowing how to assess and manage chronic pain can be challenging.

The latest podcast from Primary Care Knowledge Boost (PCKB) includes an insight into pain and chronic pain, along with a GM clinician’s stepwise approach to assessment and management. 

In addition, a new resource hub aimed at clinicians who support people living with chronic pain will be available soon.

Dr Mahindra Chincholkar, a consultant anaesthetist and Clinical Director at Manchester and Salford Pain Centre, talks to PCKB hosts Drs Sara and Lisa about this common condition – with some useful tips for fellow clinicians.

His key points for those dealing with pain and chronic pain in patients include:

  • Believe that their pain is real
  • Pain does not necessarily equate to harm – activity can hurt but it may not be harmful
  • Opioid medication is not helpful in cases of chronic pain
  • Focus on function goals rather than pain relief

Listen to the full podcast on our resources page. The PCKB podcasts count towards your Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

All primary care colleagues are invited to register for access to a new Greater Manchester Pain Management Resources Hub, developed by Health Innovation Manchester (HInM).

The hub is designed to help you support people to manage chronic pain without long-term use of opioids. Resources include consultation scenarios, clinician tools, self-management guidance, education and training, social prescribing and supporting services information, and lived experiences.

It will also include the PCKB podcast with Dr Mahindra Chincholkar.

If you would like to be notified when the GM Pain Management Resources Hub is available, please complete the HInM form.